Water damage can be a very serious potential threat both for your home or business, regardless if it is just a leak or something like a broken dishwasher or leaky fish tank, or way more serious problem such as a flood or excessive rain. Depending on the type and the intensity of water damage you have suffered, requiring the services of a professional company to do the cleanup and repair for you might be necessary.

Clean water damage, grey water damage, and black water damage are the three types of water damage. Clear water can be anything from a broken water supply line or just an overflowing sink and it can usually be dealt with and cleaned up on your own if done within the first 48-hours. However, when talking about grey water or black water though, the right approach should be to hire a professional come in. Grey water is water that derives from a broken dishwasher, or a faulty washing machine. It may not have any pathogens present in it, however, it can have some contaminants or contain some cleaning chemicals. Black water is pretty self-explanatory and represents sewage, and you should never attempt to clean it up on your own.

So, what goes on if an accident happens in your home or office and you end up with water damaged rugs or carpets?

Regarding the water itself, regardless what category of water damage is in question (clear, grey or black, or even if you are dealing with accidents from your pet) the first thing that should be done is for the water to be removed so that no future damage can take place. The next thing you should do is to get the carpets to a dry place as soon as possible so that they do not begin to grow mould. Then, you dry and dehumidify everything else.

Now, if mould has begun to accumulate then you need to disinfect everything and stop its potential to grow and ruin your carpets or building. In this regard, the most difficult fight is how to get everything dry enough during the 48-hour limit so that mould cannot start accumulating.

If in any case black water enters your home, you will probably not be going to salvage your carpet, however, you may disinfect and sanitize other items if you act quickly enough.

While focusing on these aspects it is also important for you to document the drying and restoration process and also think about upholstery restoration as well.

Whatever case you might be dealing with, it is always better to get a team of Red Deer carpet cleaning professionals to work on fixing it because they are prepared with the right tools and equipment to get the job done right and with all proper safety procedures in place.