Most people are not initially aware of the odors caused by pets urinating on the carpet, however, when the temperature and humidity rise the problem will come quickly to the surface. It can also become even more pronounced if you are dealing with water damage to your carpet.

During winter months the urine salts transferred to your carpet simply do not hold enough moisture to generate bacteria due to lower temperatures and lower humidity levels, thus there is little or no odor. However, this will soon change with the arrival of warmer temperatures, and so the odor will turn into a haven for bacteria that are initially dormant within your carpeting.

People do tons of things to clean up areas and different cleaning routines, but nothing seems to really tackle with the odor issue. By treating the urine deposits with a specially formulated digester, those pesky odor troubles can usually be removed from the surface of your carpet.

What is tricky enough is finding urine spots themselves because not all carpets actually have the detectable yellow stains. Since most of the urine is situated under the carpet finding the right source of urine odors gets a bit more complicated. The solution lies in implementing a system designed to find the urine and also reveal the magnitude of an existing urine problem so that the appropriate treatment can be employed. For any minor urine issues within your carpet specialized product injections are usually enough to do the trick and cure the problem of the odor.

On the other hand, when it comes to more extreme cases, the complete carpet must be treated or replaced along with the underlay. Each situation bears different challenge so individual assessments are required prior to starting any odor treatments. A company that does carpet cleaning in Red Deer can help you determine what will be the best and economical way to treat your carpets.

The urine stains themselves may also represent a challenge and may require re-dyeing the affected carpet or having to insert a new piece of carpet or to consider other solutions.

The products we work with are specially designed to rid carpets of odor causing bacteria and restore a healthier environment for you and your family. Our intention is to not temporarily mask pet odors, but to tackle and deal with the bacteria which actually causes the odors and fix the problem in the long run.

No one can guarantee that the pet will never pee on the carpet again, but what we can guarantee is that the treated spot will not emit urine odor any longer. Off-gassing urine is a potentially serious health issue and should be rectified immediately.